Each project at Damion Lloyd Photography is treated as a custom job and is priced according to the needs and size of each project/client. Our studio prides itself in creating the finest imagery available at affordable rates. Please feel free to call our studio manager Tanya (310) 406-4455 to discuss your project, large or small. We know this can be a challenging process, and we’re here to make it an easy and enjoyable process.

The following will provide an overview as to the pricing structure for each type of product photographed in our studio:


Flat/Pinwall: $40*-$95** (price per view/image)

* For quantities of 50+ SKUs/project or have monthly/ongoing needs)  **Smaller volume or complex garments

Product Photography: $35-$400 per image (depending on difficulty and volume)

Invisible Mannequin: $45*-$75** (price per view/image)

* For quantities of 50+ SKUs/project for simple garments (children’s, adult cotton T-shirts, shorts, etc). **Smaller volume or complex garments

On-Model Fashion & Fit  Day rates apply: Half day (4 hours) $1400 Full Day (8 hours) $2,400+ per project (Model fee as well as hair/makeup are additional)

Recurring On-Model Rates (3+ times a year) Day rates apply: Half day (4 hours) $1200 Full Day (8 hours) $2,000+ per project (Model fees and hair/makeup are additional)

Editorial/Creative Laydown Half Day (with on-set stylist) $1400/ Full Day (with on-set stylist) $2400

Minimum studio fee: $400.00 per project.

Projects photographed outside the studio/vicinity incur additional fees. Inquire for pricing.

Please contact the studio for more information and customized quotation for your project. We look forward to creating beautiful images for you and your company.