Damion Lloyd Photography is one of the leading product, apparel and fashion photography studios in the United States. We serve clients from Los Angeles, Orange County, and all of Southern California to the entire United States. No project is too big or small. Inquire today! 310-406-4455 or email:


Damion Lloyd has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. He learned to develop B&W film in the 8th grade and is completely self-taught. He worked for many major brands over the years before opening his own studio. He loves the amazing team that has gathered and grown as the studio expands. 

In his downtime, you will most likely find Damion in the garden, at his local Fullerton City Council meetings, or with his wife and two dogs!


Tanya enjoyed a 20-year career as a professional dancer and choreographer and now enjoys running the business side of a professional photography studio
In her downtime, she is a mentor to women in the 12-step community as well as a yogi, writer, wife and all around goofball.


Leif is an award-winning fine art street photographer who is inspired by the stillness of night and the shapes and patterns of his environment.

He enjoys exploring new places and being out in nature. He is fascinated by foreign languages and likes to spend time listening to podcasts in Russian and Spanish.


Army wife, musician, and Chief of Quirkiness. Always down for a gut laugh sesh, kickboxing, and long walks on the beach.


Kevin is a creative with an engineering mind and a totally free spirit. You’ll find him skating through the studio, laughing, traveling, loving, and always looking for the good!


Carey is a mom of two boys and enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, gardening, painting and watching her boys play baseball. She loves making things pretty! 


Marcus has been shooting for years, and has developed amazing relationships with the people and environments he has discovered in the process.

He enjoys traveling to the outdoors, eating good food, and spur of the moment adventures.


Your local dog lady. Loves anything spooky, painting and shake shack.


Vanessa loves anything that allows her to be creative, such as styling, photography, DIY crafts, and interior decorating. Her light and motivation is her daughter. Vanessa loves seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes and teaching her how to see the beauty in everyone and everything. 


Kat has 15 years experience in the art and beauty world- from drawing and painting, to photography and studio arts.

She is all about loud rock’n’roll, leopard print, traveling, and laughing a ton while cracking jokes with those around her.

A life of music, fashion, and art has been her calling, and she pours her all into her work to create amazing images, whether it be at the studio or on her own art projects.



Peter has been interested in the arts since he began performing in theater and playing piano around age 5. He grew up with a mother who was talented with a sewing machine, and was exposed to many wonderful costumes in theater arts, and who has several friends who perform in drag has led him to want to style clothing and apparel.


Lola has been with the studio for nearly 13 years! While diminutive in size, she more than makes up for in personality! She enjoys naps in the sun, and a warm, comfy lap to cuddle up on!


Cleo is super-chill and mostly does her own thing.  She is sometimes called the dharma dog due to her compassionate nature, and is quick to give anyone a cuddle when they are feeling blue. She also likes to eat anything and everything, so keep your snacks close!