by Damion, April 22, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

*Can I be in studio when you are shooting my project?

Editorial and On-Model Shoots- YES

For on-model shoots and creative laydown/editorial shoots, the client is welcomed and encouraged to be here. However, if you cannot or do not want to attend the day’s shoot no problem- we will use our decades of experience to create the best look for you.

E-commerce Product & Apparel Shoots- NO

For these types of projects, clients are not allowed on set. Not only do we employ some trade secrets, It is much more efficient for our team to get straight to work on e-commerce projects, and you can be guaranteed your project will receive the same quality + attention as all the images you see on our website.

*How do I book an on-model shoot?

We encourage clients to book their own models as most companies have a certain demographic, look or branding that they are trying to achieve and you will know what that looks like better than we will. Here are two agencies we have worked with in the past who have wonderful talent.

Brand Model and Talent (Orange County)

Peak Models (Los Angeles)

You are also welcome to bring your own non-agency model, but please keep in mind the more experienced and professional the model, the more looks you will be able to achieve on your shooting day.

Our on-model shoots are easygoing and fun, yet fast-paced and professional. 

If you prefer, we can book a model for you, and there is a lot of coordination involved, so please call our office manager to discuss that option. (Tanya 310 406 4455)

*Do you Shoot on Location?

Almost all of of our work is shot in our studio in Fullerton, CA.  We understand however that some larger projects may require that we travel to the client’s facility. Damion and the team are available to shoot on-site at your location, however, do keep in mind it is almost always more cost effective to ship your project here. If you do need on-site photography, please email or call our studio manager Tanya for on-site rates. Tanya 310-406-4455

Estimated On-Site Day Rates: Full Day: $3500 + Expenses

*Do you offer test or sample shots?

We do not normally do test shots, as we feel the work on our website speaks for itself. If you definitely feel more comfortable with a test shot prior to booking, we are happy to shoot one or two pieces, but there is a test rate of $50.00 per SKU.

*Is there a project minimum?

Yes. Since each project requires its own set be created, as well as specific lighting and styling geared toward each specific client, we do have a $400 minimum on all projects. Shooting one or two pieces is possible, but all projects are subject to the studio’s minimum rate.

*Can I call the studio to discuss my project? Absolutely! 310-406-4455

Feel free to call our office manager any time between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F to discuss your project. You are welcome to call us with any questions before, during, and after your project is complete- we are here to serve you. You will still need to fill out the start your order page and it’s helpful if you do this first, so our team knows what your project entails before you call.

What format are photos delivered? Standard product photos are delivered as a high resolution, 300 DPI Jpegs using maximum quality settings measuring at least 3000×3000 pixels in size. Depending on product shape, excess white space may be cropped leaving the longest dimension at least 3000 pixels, while the other dimension is cropped to fit the shape of the crop box. Besides 1:1 square format, we can also shoot in 4:5, 2:3 and 5:7 crop ratios, depending on your site’s image requirements. Just let us know your preference before we begin your project.

Additionally, our studio includes the transparent background TIFF files, which allows you to change the background to any color you wish without any extra work. Many other studios charge extra for this service- we included it at no extra charge.

What’s the difference between Flat, Pinwall & Invisible Mannequin?

Pinwall vs Invisible Mannequin Invisible Mannequin vs Flat LayFlat-Lay vs Invisible-Mannequin-Photography-Los-Angeles

*What is Ghost mannequin?

A fitted look, no model required. Using special techniques, apparel can be photographed styled on a mannequin which is then removed in post production creating a hollow appearance commonly called ghost mannequin” or hollow man.” It’s a great solution allowing a fitted look without the need for a model.

*What is pinwall-flat photography?

We lay your clothing down on a styling table or we pin the garment to the wall- whichever best serves the garment. This type of styling tends towards a very soft and luxurious feeling.

*What is Editorial/Creative lay down?

Creative Lay downs  are increasingly becoming the go-to images for social media channels. When you book a half-day or full-day editorial, we will set up a time to discuss your vision for your brand. Together with our best in class on-set stylists, we will create images that tell a story and speak directly to your demographic-wowing your customers and setting the tone for your unique look! We look forward to creating beautiful, playful, and vitally stunning images for your line!