Editorial + Creative Laydown | How it works

Editorial/Creative Laydowns | How it works + What you need to know:


Creative laydowns + grids are increasingly popular and dynamic and are the go-to images for your social media channels and email blasts… and we look forward to creating beautiful, playful, and fun images for your collection!

Half-days and full days are available. The number of items each image contains dictates how much time it takes to style each shot. On average, we can generally achieve 2-3 shots/hour for simple images (2-4 items per image). Complex images take more time.

Prep: In our experience to date, editorials work best when the client is organized and has a clear vision of their brand. For maximum shooting time, please arrive in studio 30 minutes early with your apparel on hangers and sectioned/grouped together and ready to go. We provide ½ hour free studio time before the shoot to touch-up any garments wrinkled in transit.

Shot list: Prior to your shoot, we require that you email a shot list with reference images. Some call this a mood or vision board. Other terms used are tears or swipes. All these terms refer to reference images or sketches for your shoot.

Creating a Shot List:

Note: the more pieces in a particular photograph, the more time it takes to style properly. Using very general averages, each piece of clothing takes approximately 4-5 minutes to style, so 6 SKU in one image will take 24-30 minutes just to get it arranged on the styling board. Small adjustments to the garments can take additional time, so please keep in mind.

Sample Shot List:

1) Banner image of four blouses in a row in earth tones w/soft movement

2) Two t-shirts styled in a yin-yang image; black & white color story

3) Five trousers/denim loosely stacked/rolled showing back pockets

4) Grid image with joggers, phone, running shoes, and sunglasses

5)  Shorts, blouse, and scarf as an outfit. Crisp, hard shadows.

For actual examples of a client shot list, click here, here, or here.

Props + Other Considerations for Your Shoot:

You can hire our stylist to source props for you at $60/hour; otherwise any props you wish to use must be provided by you the client, so please bring those with you. If client cannot be on set, you can arrange with Tanya to order your own props and have them sent directly to our studio (must be pre-arranged first).

How each shot is laid out and styled should also be considered beforehand but can also be collaborated with our stylist on the day of your shoot. Please keep in mind that any time used with the stylist discussing the image(s) takes time away from time styling and shooting.

Our most successful editorial shoots are with clients who come with their shots mostly thought out and with some clear direction for the stylist.

We look forward to creating beautiful and dynamic images for you and your company!

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